Answer these fun and simple 9 questions to get step with how you show up in a group setting, especially when change is involved. The profile prepares you to get in step with the process of making a change - whether big or small, personal or professional. Be sure to watch the Intro Video first on the Home Page to take the first step on your journey of change.
What's Your Dance?
1  In a group setting, which word describes you best?

2  You just won a trip to any of the following destinations. Which one would you pick?

3  When you hear your favorite music, you...

4  What type of event is your preferred event to attend?

5  You're scheduled for a complimentary photo shoot. What type of outfit would you be most likely to wear?

6  When you're in a new situation or have to learn something, how do you typically react internally?

7  You are going to a social event. When do you prefer to arrive?

8  What's your favorite type of food/meal?

9  How would you describe your regular musical preferences?

Birthday Year and Gender are optional fields that help make useful graphs.