Life is a performance - Is Yours Choreographed?

We all have to perform in some way throughout our lives, whether it is working, speaking, playing sports, giving presentations, taking tests, competing, acting, etc. Imagine experiencing the exhilaration of a stress-free performance.

If you or your group are innovative mentors who interact with future leaders to develop creative, confident problem solvers today. I help individuals discover creativity, find balance and feel joy through action, technology and dance.

You Do Have a Creative Funny Bone.  How to find it, use it to do  your best leading and following. Creativity is the missing piece in your life......go fill it. The missing piece to becoming a better......leader, presenter,  educator, dancer Dancing Away Stress: Three Steps to Balance.    Take the right action steps to learn how to find Balance in an unbalanced world and attract joy.  WARNING: this session will induce random outbursts of laughter!  It may cause the brain to absorb unusually large quantities of oxygen. Side effects can include: feelings of exhilaration,  chuckles, and general sense of well-being, followed by moments of profound insight? How to Live Happily Ever NOW: the Other Fairytale.  How many of us are waiting for Prince Charming, the golden egg or a fairy godmother to save the day and give us permission to be happy ever after?  Why not have your fairytale YOUR way, RIGHT NOW? This session is truly transformative, a must-see for every budding princess (of any age)!  Discover your (mis)perceptions about happiness, tips for dissolving them and choose to be happily ever NOW! The missing piece - healing through creativity, balance and joy  Live and very interactive presentations to youth groups, students on: - Living Happily Ever Now, the Other Fairytale - Living Happily Again, a Diabetes Fairytale - Dancing Away Stress. Recognize, Rethink and Restore Balance. Seek Creativity, Find Balance, Feel Joy while Learning about cultural stress. - Around the World in 80 minutes (or less). An active journey through culture and dance. - Social Interaction Skills, Social Dancing for Social Development and Becoming Better Leaders and Followers

Keynote Topics  & Staff Development

Bring Dr Wendy to your site for a fun-filled, thought provoking experience. You'll be amazed at how the time flies, and your organization will have a complete

set of tools for empowering their options for embracing diversity, mastering stress, empowering communication skills and appreciating change ....

Dr. Wendy's dynamic style of speaking will educate, empower and activate your members with skill they can apply immediately.

As an award-winning competitor and educator, Dr. Wendy Guess knows what it takes to be a champion.
Focus, goals, teamwork and training are required both in competition and business to rise above the crowd.

Dr. Guess combines a PhD in Health, a degree in Anthropology with extensive dance performance experience
to coach individuals and businesses to be at the top of their game.

The author of multiple books including Dancing Away Stress, Dr Guess teaches high performance techniques that
show you how to define challenges and overcome obstacles.

As a business owner, and her background in administration, project management and marketing, Dr Guess gives you the tools you need to take action now!

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