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13 November , 2010
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Desire to master your stress right now and dance through life with more energy?

Great! You’re in the right place.

Years ago, I had the Super Hero mindset – with two young boys to raise as a single parent, I took on the challenge of pursuing a Ph.D. in Health while working full time and continuing dancing.  Can you see where this is going?  Out of the clear blue, POW! An auto-immune disease showed up!  Wow, my world came crashing down around me!  I wouldn’t even wish that upon my worst enemy (even if I had one).  Ironically, I was painfully reminded that as a dancer who relies on balance to perform, I was completely out of balance in my life.  I had become a victim of my stressful, out of balanced living.  Every day, arriving home, the children would want to play and share their news.  All I could do was sit and mumble something like “just a few minutes more of rest.”  Oh the agony of missing those precious moments with them.
So How Do You Master Your Stress?
Chose to face it head on!

During that journey of healing the most amazing “aha” took place.  Like a choreographer, I too many options for my life’s dance. During that journey, I conquered that disease, completed my Ph.D. and even managed to gracefully experience several other life-changing events including my mother losing the battle against cancer. Throughout this journey I experienced first hand the power of dance and yoga to:

  • inspire health,
  • healing,
  • joy,
  • fitness,
  • creativity
  • and most of all … balance.

That Super Hero mindset is much tamer and I have discovered the secrets to maintaining balance on and off the dance floor.  I am passionate about sharing those secrets with everyone I can to make my world a better place – one step at a time.

Using the joy and power of social dancing as her tool, Dr Wendy helps people “choreograph” or manage their life to enhance performance skills, including health, confidence, communication and academic skills.

Invite Dr Wendy to speak or emcee at your next event to get your groove on! Discover the Four Most Essential Skills In Building successful Business & Personal Relationships. Take part in a live event hosted by Dr Wendy or conveniently in an online webinar. Dancing Away Stress Coming Soon – watch for updates and excerpts!

To Your Balanced Living,

Dr Wendy Guess,
Life Choreographer
Dr Wendy Guess
Dr Wendy Guess
Drawing on the fields of marketing, anthropology, health, wellness and dance along with some wacky life adventures, Dr. Guess shares inspiring and do-able healthy change and healthy marketing. She consults, travels and coordinates the Health and Fitness Marketing Certificate program at FIU.

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