Training and Speaking

As an award winning educator, trainer and international speaker, Dr. Wendy Guess gives presentations, classes and trainings on Predictive Communication, Resolving Stuckness, Elements of Interaction, Wellbeing, Behavioral Change, and Wellness Marketing. Her audiences include conferences, national and regional associations, businesses, educational groups, and more. She is highly regarded as both an in-person and virtual presenter and trainer.

Dr. Guess has books on a variety of topics; The Culture of Dance (Cognella Publishing), Dancing Away Stress, 3 Step Method for Mastering Life, and upcoming revision of The Other Fairytale, Living Happily Ever After NOW. She created the Elements of Harmony Analysis, which is an effective change management assessment tool.

As a trained systemic phenomenological advisor, Dr. Guess is a consulting strategist on how leaders can develop more harmony within their business and their teams. 

To discuss your training or presentation needs, contact Dr. Guess directly.

Presentations and Interviews



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