What’s the Best Way to Start the New Year?
17 January , 2011
Yoga Poses: The Core of Inner Strength?
22 January , 2011
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Activations to Start Your Day


Motivation: Today I am in action to feel the joy of completion – Completion creates greater mental clarity by releasing the baggage that clouds the mind.

Action: I stand like a warrior, every muscle engaged in the action of being focused on the mission of completion.

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To your healthy life dance;

Dr Wendy Guess
The Life Choregrapher
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Dr Wendy Guess
Dr Wendy Guess
Drawing on the fields of marketing, anthropology, health, wellness and dance along with some wacky life adventures, Dr. Guess shares inspiring and do-able healthy change and healthy marketing. She consults, travels and coordinates the Health and Fitness Marketing Certificate program at FIU.

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