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13 November , 2010
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How Can You Get Past Feeling Mentally Stressed Out?

How do you get past feeling Mentally Stressed Out?

It’s 6:59pm, the project deadline is in 3 hours, the kids still need to get to bed, the research still needs to be done, more tasks need to be done to even ready to sit down and write the report.

Time is running out, and the only thing you can think about is that the deadline won’t be complete, and how that will look to the others in the group.  So you sit down to attempt to begin the writing portion of the project and look at the computer screen and draw a complete blank – You’re in total mental block!

Argh!  It’s like you just hit the mental wall.  This deadline has to be met and you can’t even begin.  What’s going on, your mind usually functions a lot better than this?  You’ve got to get this done but you’re drawing a complete blank.  You ask yourself:

Why do I get these stressed out mental blocks at the critical moment and what can I do about it?”

So glad you asked.  That was also me in the middle of a crisis years ago.  And that is when it all really clicked!    When your stress levels reach a certain level in the body, the body goes into survival mode and the ability to focus decreases to non-existent.  How can you give your best effort when you are so stressed that you feel like you are about to EXPLODE!

I knew my body needed to move…before my mind exploded….and my PhD research really backed it up that concept!  After completing the following list and then sitting down to write that report, it became my best work in that entire project up to that point.  Here are the steps that I went through and continue to use to this day when the absolute best work is required.

  • Admit and acknowledge feeling stressed out mentally – albeit rather reluctantly.  (grin and bear it)
  • Start focusing on breathing (slow and deep)
  • Drink some water (at least a glass, ideally with some lemon or apple cider vinegar)
  • Add some yoga poses to invigorate your mind!  (That’s where the moving really makes a difference)

After finishing those yoga poses and then sitting down to really write that report.  WOW!  The words just flowed like never before and it was like experiencing a “zen” moment of thought – no more mental block, no more stressed out feelings.  Yippee!

Ok, so you are new to stretching or yoga or you are not sure which ones make a HUGE difference on increasing brain function, here’s some great examples:

  • Downward dog – that’s the one that looks a dog when it just wakes up and starts pushing its paws pushing forward.
  • Cobra – just like it sounds – lying down on your stomach and lift your head like a cobra snake
  • More…..

Ok – join try this …. Breathe.  Now stretch.  Notice how your stressed out energy has just melted and now your body can return to to its normal intelligent function.

Notice the difference?  So, now that you can think again, ha ha … on over to the resource page to get even more research-based poses ….

Woo Hoo, off to yet another wonderful project because now we feel so empowered to be able to overcome those mental blocks.

To Your Balanced Mental Health,

Dr Wendy Guess,
Life Choreographer

Dr Wendy Guess
Dr Wendy Guess
Drawing on the fields of marketing, anthropology, health, wellness and dance along with some wacky life adventures, Dr. Guess shares inspiring and do-able healthy change and healthy marketing. She consults, travels and coordinates the Health and Fitness Marketing Certificate program at FIU.

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