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19 January , 2011
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Yoga Poses: The Core of Inner Strength?

Each day we are given the gift of a new birth….a chance to start all over again with renewing goals.   Many people are using the concept of setting intentions, affirmations, writing goals.

Those are motivating and good, yet they need to be put into the action.  That’s where yoga poses: the core of inner strength comes in.

How do yoga poses get to the core of inner strength?

Here’s what works for me –  I take a few moments and start my day off with not only a goal or motivation, but also putting those into action with movement.

Motivation: I visualize having the inner strength to accomplish even the challenging goals and tasks. I will allow miraculous experiences to unfold so that I may learn wisdom.
Action: I sit in the V angle acknowledging and reminding myself of the importance of core strength.

To Your Balanced Inner Strength,

Dr Wendy Guess,
Life Choreographer

Dr Wendy Guess
Dr Wendy Guess
Drawing on the fields of marketing, anthropology, health, wellness and dance along with some wacky life adventures, Dr. Guess shares inspiring and do-able healthy change and healthy marketing. She consults, travels and coordinates the Health and Fitness Marketing Certificate program at FIU.

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