Greetings, I'm Wendy ...

I’m an award-winning professor, choreographer, and author. 

Let’s MOVE you toward a Harmony Mindset Trifecta –  achieving more quality personally, professionally and in your practice.

What Harmony Mindset are you? This fun assessment gets you started on designing your Harmony Trifecta

Marketing Programs for Health and Wellness Professionals

Health and Wellness Marketing Harmony Education

You’re a master at your healthcare craft, but you need help designing marketing strategies to inspire your clients to adopt positive behavioral change.  I’ll help you effectively share your marketing messages in harmony with your guiding principles.

I consult with entrepreneurs, small business owners and educators in the health and wellness community. Together, we’ll build your marketing power and brand identity. You’ll understanding your role in promoting positive healthy change. Check out my in-person, virtual and on-line healthcare marketing training.

Healthcare Providers and Wellness CEU/PD Credits

Courses and workshops for health and wellness professionals that include marketing strategy, behavior change, and Elements of Interaction™ for teams and individuals.

Movin' & Groovin'

I’ve shared the joy of social dance activities for over 30 years. While not part of my Marketing Harmony courses, I provide instruction and choreography for first wedding dance, Quinceanera waltz, square dance, swing dance and rhythmic activities — such as dancing, yoga and traditional cultural dances — using moving examples from around the globe.