What Makes You Tick? Finding Clarity in Work and Life

As a Behavioral Change Educator, I'm curious about what makes people tick, why they do what they do and how that impacts personal and organizational wellbeing. Using behavioral change science, I help harmonize the exchange process and personal wellbeing from a systemic point of view.

You are constantly transforming and evolving to fulfill the many roles you have in your life and your work - Bring on the chaos! You've been serving from a cup that is now empty and depleted, which leaves you feeling out of harmony with your life and work. What are you really giving when your cup is empty?

To the internal flow of your organization or your own body, this chaos would sound like the static of a poor signal or a note is off-key. It almost hurts to hear it. Internally, the communication flow is disrupted, the daily operations become dysfunctional, job satisfaction equals burn-out level, no new ideas can be generated, and the general mindset is feeling blocked. That's why I developed the Harmony Profile Assessment.

Learn more about how to live in more harmony, by completing the short Harmony Profile Assessment.  Find out how you "dance" through life in Harmony with your self, and your work and how you can manage your transformations.

How I Can Help You