Who is Dr. Wendy Guess?

My Personal Mission

My mission and my passion is to promote the empowerment of joyful expression! My desire is to provide resources that enhance the personal and professional marketing exchange experience within the health, fitness and wellness industries.

Dr. Wendy - Long Bio

As an award-winning educator, “Dr. Wendy” has inspired thousands of students, employees, and friends to experience healthy change, find joy and improve professionalism.

With a unique combination of experience provides Dr Wendy with a global perspective to empower and optimize relationships! Utilizing her degrees in Health, Management, Anthropology, Teacher Certification in Physical Education and Speech Communications, Dr. Wendy provides a truly well-rounded professional experience.

Dr Wendy has shared her expertise in public and higher education, corporate, start-up, government, and non-profit settings. She has also produced thematic entertainment for special events and professional development training programs.

Her academic experience combines a Doctoral degree in Health Studies, writing her dissertation on the essential elements for a dance resource guide, a Masters in Recreation Management, Bachelors in Anthropology focused on Intercultural Communications, and is a Texas Certified Teacher of Physical Education, Speech Communications, and ESL. She has been certified by American College of Sports Medicine as a Group Exercise Leader and is a Certified Sports Hypnotist.

In 2007, Dr Wendy was honored as the Southern District AAHPERD University Dance Educator of the Year and was nominated as the National University Dance Educator of the Year from the National Dance Association, as well as being awarded the 2006 University Dance Educator of the Year for the Texas Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, where she has presented regularly since 1995.

Using the philosophy that learning should be a "moving" experience infused with humor, graciousness, passion, and rhythm. With a strong blend of cultural understanding, physical education, health and communication, Dr. Wendy truly speaks the language of education and motivates students and teachers to experience Healthy Change on the “dance floor of life". Get ready to start choreographing your life!