Systemic Coaching for Healthy, Harmonious Change

It's your life, your marketing, your wellbeing, your business. What do they all have in common? Systems, Patterns and Transformation. We are part of many systems which all generate patterns. When those patterns no longer produce the results we want, it's time to transform those systems and find harmony again.

What's the intervention? Systemic Harmony Coaching

Systemic Harmony Coaching is the process of looking at the symptoms from the perspective of what is both in Harmony and DISHarmony within the system. We investigate the symptoms from the individual, group and societal systems that are interacting to discover and diagnose the core issue/s. We then co-create activities that support and strengthen the parts that are the cause of the DISHarmony to bring you or your organization back into Harmony.

During a transformation, we can be too close to a situation. As a result, we are biased, unable to see the solution that lies within the problem. Sometimes we are not even able to see symptoms. We hold on to a story, or what we perceive to be our survival mechanism or strength. The more we become consumed by our version of the story and apply more force to push through the challenge, the more depleted we become. The result is we find ourselves heading into the opposite direction from our desired balance and harmony. Without an intervention, the stress creates physical symptoms that show up personally, professionally and organizationally. These symptoms impact us in every role or system we exist in.

Our ideal is to experience the Elements of Harmony in our lives. These are the most important aspects of human interaction and provide a more happy and successful outcome to our endeavors.

Discover your strength and DISHarmony by completing a short Elements of Harmony Profile Assessment

The 5 Elements of Harmony

Five Profiles of Harmony

Wisdom of Foxtrot
Wisdom – reflecting on practical experiential knowledge, structure and time-honored traditions. When the Foxtrot reminds us about the order – the rules are there for a good reason. When change is necessary, the Foxtrot keeps the chaos organized. Learn more about this profile in the Harmony Profile Assessment
Expression of Tango
Expression – negotiates with healthy, authentic communication in both a subtle and bold manner. The Tango person is your best negotiator, especially when you must have some difficult conversations or changes, the negotiator can make it happen. Learn more about this profile in the Harmony Profile Assessment
Empowerment of Salsa
Empowerment – confidence to take charge of decisions for health and wealth. When you want to get people moving in the same step – you need your Salsa person motivating them. The Salsa is a natural leader or motivator and is the “go-to” person in the group. Learn more about this profile in the Harmony Profile Assessment
Creativity of Swing
Creativity – designing, thinking, producing or making something unique to you; thinking outside the box. Every company, family or group at some point needs a new way of doing things. They will see better, more efficient methods – the ultimate creative innovation. Learn more about this profile in the Harmony Profile Assessment
Inspiration of Waltz
Inspiration – inspires with strength and elegance to maintain harmony in a group, especially when there's change or chaos. Every group needs a waltz – to keep the cohesion and the peace in the group. Once the change is implemented they are the diplomats that help keep the process moving effortlessly. Learn more about this profile in the Harmony Profile Assessment