Dr Wendy's Blog: Change, Wellness and Harmony

For this blog, I really wanted to focus on the things that are going to bring about change. This blog will cover lots of different topics from Health and Fitness to harmony. What you should really get out of it, is that harmony is the key. Learn how to harmonize your life with all of the different activities and focuses to make sure you are living a happy and wholesome life.
24 July , 2016

How to Navigate the “Rhythm of Change”

Understanding the Rhythm of Change allows for positive, productive and successful change to happen in your life and your work.  When you need to make a change to […]
5 June , 2014

Cleaning Your Emotional House

“Spring Cleaning for Your Emotional House” Its nearing the end of spring in Northern Hemisphere… For many, it is time to do some spring cleaning around […]
4 April , 2012

Spring Cleaning Your Emotional House

“Spring Cleaning for Your Emotions” Its spring in most of the world….Dallas just received some major storms and tornadoes that made national news.    For many, it is […]
20 May , 2011

Idle Minds and Stress: Is There A Connection?

“Idle minds are the Devils Workshop.” I heard this proverb recently and it sparked some reflection.  Another version of the proverb uses idle hands, but the […]